Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Culminating Project MACIMISE, Guam Group Gathering at Westin Taste

Pictured above (left side of table): Project MACIMISE participants Rosa Salas Palomo, Mary Mafnas, and Matilda Naputi Rivera. Right side: Dr. Donald "Don" Rubinstein, instructor; Bea Camacho, Project MACIMISE participant; and Pat Camacho.

Last night the Guam group involved in Project MACIMISE gathered together at Westin Taste to celebrate in person, instead of the usual online Elluminate sessions. The participants thanked Dr. Don Rubinstein for being an inspirational and culturally-responsive instructor, alongside, Sandy, Don, and Neil who were with us in spirit. The group also congratulated Bea Camacho for being selected for the Project MACIMISE indigenous UH Doctorate Program coordinated by UH and PREL. Congratulations, Bea!

Un Dangkulo Na Si Yu'os Ma'ase', Don, Sandy, Neil, Joe, and fellow Project MACIMISERS, for the wonderful indigenous experience we will always remember. Good luck, and we know that you will do great things for our children! BIBA PROJECT MACIMISE!